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Coming Events
SB Master Gardeners -- New Course Starts Sept 22
Interested in becoming a SB/SBR Master Gardener?
Our Fall 2017 training course begins on Friday, Sep-
tember 22, 2017 at 9:00 am. The course consists of
15 classes which will end on January 19, 2018, with 3
week breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
Year’s. Our location is SaddleBrooke Ranch.  Please
HERE for more information.
Health Night Out -- Aug 28 at MV -- Parkinson's
A high percentage of patients with Parkinson’s and other
tremors can experience significant improvement to motor
function with a procedure called
Deep Brain Stimulation
Surgery. The Movement Disorder Surgery program offered
at Western Neuro was one of the first of its kind in the U.S.
and, coupled with Dr. Christiano’s expertise in Functional
Neurosurgery, optimizes patient outcomes. Western Neuro
is an affiliated partner of Carondelet Neurological Institute.  
Please click
HERE for more information.
Joseph Christiano
SB Gardeners -- "Grow The Rainbow" -- Aug. 23
What do orange fruits and vegetables have that green ones don’t?  Deborah
North, Pima County Master Gardener, will explain what the rainbow of fruits
and vegetables that we can grow do for us. Please click
HERE for more info.
Latest Info on 2017 Health Fair
More info is now available on all the tests, services,
and information available at the Health Fair on the
morning of Oct. 14.  Please click
HERE to see it.
Mediare Info Seminar -- Oct 17, 2:00 at MtView BR
The objective of this seminar is to make Medicare options crystal clear, so
that you come away knowing your rights, options, and entitlements, which
then helps you make informed decisions that will best meet your health
insurance needs. The information shared is exactly what
Gary Anderson
presents when he speaks as an educational speaker to health care profes-
sionals at Northwest Medical Center, Urgent Care Centers, Community
Centers in Green Valley and Casa Grande, Financial Organizations, as well
as in earlier presentations here in SaddleBrooke. THIS IS NOT A SALES
Please click HERE for more info.
Health Night Out -- Sept 25 at MV -- Alzheimer's
Dr. Lee Ryan of the University of AZ will speak at HNO on  
Monday, September 25 at 7:00 in the MoutainView Ball-
room. Her topic is "
Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Mem-
ory Changes
." Dr. Ryan is a clinical psychologist and
professor in the Cognition and Neural Systems and the
Clinical Neuropsychology programs.Her research focuses
on the neural basis of memory, age-related changes in
memory and how these changes relate to brain functioning.
She has a special interest in memory disorders such as
Alzheimer’s disease. Click
HERE for more information.
Dr. Lee Ryan
FHAN Seminar Coming on Oct. 25 in Catalina
Faith Health Alliane North will be presenting a seminar "Exploring the End of
Life Journey -- Important Information for Those Who Aren't Going To Live
Forever". Save the date! Please click
HERE for more info.