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SaddleBrooke Seniors
Successful Health Fair  (by Phyllis Ketring)
The Health Fair Planning Committee thanks the amazing team of people who
volunteer and serve during this annual event. It takes a big team with skill and
willingness. The team includes the staffs from both clubhouses plus over 100
volunteers who greet, direct traffic, assist vendors, set up signs and more.

This year the use of the MountainView clubhouse for immunizations and lec-
tures  streamlined the crowds at SaddleBrooke One. It was easier to visit more
vendors during the morning.

Walgreens and Healthwaves gave nearly 300 shots in three hours. Just imag-
ine yourself in a line of 300 at a pharmacy or doctors office. Most people would
leave immediately. Yet the two providers at the Health Fair treated 300 people in
three hours with minimum waits. That gives a clear picture of the outstanding
work of the immunization team.

As a community, we can be grateful that so many providers are willing to spend
their Saturday morning with us and donate services or provide information.  Dr.
Scott Sheftel is a long-term underwriter of the fair and provides free skin cancer
screenings all morning.

The University of Arizona pharmacy students work diligently all morning while
other vendors conduct eye exams, balance tests, give free massages and give
memory exams.

The Health Fair is another example of the many benefits of living in our active
adult community.