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2016 Health Fair -- Another Great Success
The Health Fair was a great success thanks to the dedication, willingness and
skill of the SaddleBrooke One staff. They planned, coordinated and worked
tirelessly to help this large event go smoothly. Over 100 SaddleBrooke
volunteers gave freely of their time assisting exhibitors and fairgoers alike.
Thank you to everyone who made this event work. By the numbers, almost
300 people received flu or pneumonia shots and several more had the vital
shingles vaccine.

Total Eye Health, Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science at the U
of A, conducted 40 free eye exams for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular
degeneration.  Sonoran Ear Nose and Throat did 400 free ear swabs. Oro
Valley Hospital pharmacists offered free consultations on drug interactions.
The mini-seminars by Oro Valley physicians provided valuable information
about cardiology, podiatry and orthopedic surgery.

The new Information Station received 55 inquiries. Fairgoers had the
opportunity to learn about Medicare, to discuss specific legal and financial
issues and to research assisted living. Golda Ranch Fire Department gave
free blood pressure exams, and other exhibitors discussed general fitness
and nutrition.

Many people learned about the “aging in place” services available to
SaddleBrooke residents through Senior Village. Senior Village volunteers
offer transportation, home visits for socialization, information about available
services and simple home repairs. See for more about services
and volunteer opportunities.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital talked with residents about stroke warning
signs and safe organization of the home for people with physical limitations.  
AARP acquainted residents with its services including technological tutoring
services, tax assistance and an adult coloring class.

Healthy Skin Dermatology (formerly Sheftel) faced some unexpected staffing
emergencies so they conducted limited screenings only. They have graciously
volunteered to do a presentation at Health Night Out on Monday, January 23
at 7:00 pm. They will conduct free skin cancer screenings at that time.
Residents brought huge quantities of expired medications for proper disposal,
and many eyeglasses and cases were donated.

The Health Fair Planning Committee would like to express its gratitude and
appreciation for everything people in our community did to make this event a
Health Fair Volunteers Needed
The SaddleBrooke Health Fair celebrates its 20th
anniversary, Saturday morning,
October 14. The
planning committee is already actively seeking
volunteers. The Health Fair relies on over 100 –
125 volunteers to serve the 50 exhibitors and over 1000 attendees. One of the
reasons for the high number is that each volunteer works only a 90-minute
shift, so they have time to visit exhibits, get flu shots and enjoy the health fair.
Please click
HERE for more information.
Green tee shirts and smiling faces greet people
              as they sign up for flu shots.