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Life Care Planning
How To Register Forms For Emergency Access
The Arizona Advance Directive Registry is a place to
electronically store a copy of your advance directive
(all the above forms) so they will be available where
and when needed 24/7. Access to our central data-
base via computer helps expedite patient's health
Life Care Planning
You can download the forms and instructions from the AZ
Attorney General's web site. There is lots of information,
FAQ's, and instructions about how to download and print
out all the recommended free forms (except a general or
financial power of attorney).
How To Get Forms -- If You NeedThem
Critical Forms Everyone Needs
These are pretty good and the price is right. However, it is always better to
have an attorney draw up forms customized for your needs and wishes and
to give you advice on how to select the representative who will act on your
Please click
HERE to go to the Attorney General's web site.
The Arizona Advance Directive Registry is a FREE database for the storage
Health Power of Attorney).

Please click
HERE to go to the Secretary of State's web site for everything
you need (forms and instructions) to register your documents.