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Music Mends Minds - Free Concerts at MtView BR-W
HNO Video Posted -- Live Better With Hearing Loss
If you missed the recent Health Night Out presentation, you can get lots of
good info and recommendations by watching the video. Click
HERE to see it.
HNO - Sleeping Better - 7:00 PM Sept 24 at MtView
hy is it so difficult to sleep soundly at night in bed when it can
be so easy to snooze in the recliner in the afternoon? Sleep
impacts every part of the body and you cannot attain overall
health without healthy sleep. No one understands that better
than the presenter at September’s Health Night Out. Dr. Aynur
Okcay is a Board-certified Sleep Medicine Specialist. Please
HERE for more information.
Free Medicare Seminar -- 2:00 PM Oct 24 at MtView
Medicare Open Enrollment is from Oct 15 to Dec 7 this tear. Are you confused
and overwhelmed by all the plans and choices available? Attend this free
semi-nar (NOT a sales presentation!) to hear all the latest info and get your
specific questions answered by Gary Anderson, an experienced Medicare
educator. Don't miss it! Please click
HERE for more information.
HNO - Spinal Fusions - 7:00 PM Oct 22 at MtView
When conservative back treatments like physical therapy or
medications fail, surgery may be considered as an option for
pain relief. What happens when surgery doesn’t relieve the
pain or new pain occurs? Spinal fusion surgery may be a solu-
tion. Learn more about the process, its strengths and limita-
tions at Health Night Out on October 22 when noted neuro-
surgeon Dr. Ryan Kretzer addresses the group in the Moun-
tainView Ballroom.  Please click
HERE for more information.
Music Mends Minds is especially helpful for anyone with cogni-
tive or memory issues, but ALL SaddleBrooke residents are
welcome to come join the fun in making and/or enjoying music.
MMM is a community service project of the SB Sunrise Rotary
and supported by the Senior Village at SB. Concerts are
Wednesdays each month from 1:00 to 2:00
in the Mountain-
View Ballroom West. Please click
HERE for specific dates and
HERE for info on how music stimulates brain activity. It's
fun -- and helpful! And
HERE to Contact Us by email.