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Health Night Out - June 26 at MV
Dr. Michael Zoucha is the Director of Pharmacy at
Oro Valley Hospital. He will be present at Health
Night Out on June 26 at 7:00 to discuss medica-
tion safety in a hospital setting. He will discuss
(1)Technology utilized by Oro Valley Hospital to
keep patients safe, (2) Pharmacist’s role in pro-
viding safe medication management, and (3) Med-
ication safety tips that patients can use to keep
safe in the hospital.
This will be an opportune time to ask questions about medications and how
to coordinate between hospital stays and your ongoing prescriptions. Click
HERE for more information.
Health Fair Volunteers Needed
The SaddleBrooke Health Fair celebrates its 20th
anniversary, Saturday morning,
October 14. The
planning committee is already actively seeking
volunteers. The Health Fair relies on over 100 –
125 volunteers to serve the 50 exhibitors and over 1000 attendees. One of the
reasons for the high number is that each volunteer works only a 90-minute
shift, so they have time to visit exhibits, get flu shots and enjoy the health fair.
Please click
HERE for more information.
Green tee shirts and smiling faces greet people
           as they sign up for flu shots.
Health Night Out - July 24 at MV - Venous Disease
Venous disease is a medical condition that affects nearly 50 – 80 million Ameri-
cans. Over 20 – 30 million people have varicose veins and six million suffer from
swelling of the lower legs. Despite this, venous disease remains a low priority for
many doctors. The Center for Venous Disease was founded in 2006 to address
the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. In the past, people were often
asked to live with it or consider invasive vein stripping. Today more therapeutic
options exist. Please click
HERE for more information.
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Alfonso Pima
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