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Health Fair Volunteers Needed -- Sat AM., Oct. 14
The Health Fair has vacancies on every team right
now. That is good news if you have a particular pref-
erence. We need people to greet vendors, provide
information and assist during the fair, help with sur-
veys, and support vendors as they take down exhibits.

One of the most pressing needs is for help with traffic
and managing the shuttle between MountainView and
SaddleBrooke1. The Health Fair relies on over 100 –
125 volunteers to serve the 50 exhibitors and over
1000 attendees.

For more information, Please click
Health Fair Vol distributes
free tote bags to fairgoers
Health Night Out - July 24 at MV - Venous Disease
Venous disease is a medical condition that affects nearly 50 – 80 million Ameri-
cans. Over 20 – 30 million people have varicose veins and six million suffer from
swelling of the lower legs. Despite this, venous disease remains a low priority for
many doctors. The Center for Venous Disease was founded in 2006 to address
the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. In the past, people were often
asked to live with it or consider invasive vein stripping. Today more therapeutic
options exist. Please click
HERE for more information.
Alicia Dancil
Alfonso Pima
Thomas Elliott
SB Master Gardeners -- New Course Starts Sept 22
Interested in becoming a SB/SBR Master Gardener?
Our Fall 2017 training course begins on Friday, Sep-
tember 22, 2017 at 9:00 am. The course consists of
15 classes which will end on January 19, 2018, with 3
week breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
Year’s. Our location is SaddleBrooke Ranch.  Please
HERE for more information.
"The Bug Man" Reveals All -- Wed July 26 at SBR
The Gardeners Exchange in conjunction with the Sad-
dleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners
welcomes Dr. Carol Olsen, entomologist, “The Bug
Man” on Wed. July 26 at 1 pm to La Hacienda Club.
“There is No Bad Bug!” Get a new perspective on
bugs. Please click
HERE for more information.
Health Night Out -- Aug 28 at MV -- Parkinson's
A high percentage of patients with Parkinson’s and other
tremors can experience significant improvement to motor
function with a procedure called
Deep Brain Stimulation
Surgery. The Movement Disorder Surgery program offered
at Western Neuro was one of the first of its kind in the U.S.
and, coupled with Dr. Christiano’s expertise in Functional
Neurosurgery, optimizes patient outcomes. Western Neuro
is an affiliated partner of Carondelet Neurological Institute.  
Please click
HERE for more information.
Joseph Christiano