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Music Mends Minds -- Free Concert May 23 at MV
We are Music Mends Minds, a nonprofit that creates musical
support group bands for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia,
traumatic brain injury, Parkinsons, stroke, and veterans with
PTSD. While our bands are for seniors with neurodegenera-
tive diseases, all are welcome to make and/or enjoy music.
Come join in the fun using the power of music to change
brain chemistry and celebrate life! Click
HERE for more info.
HNO -- Hearing Loss -- 7:00 June 25 at MtView BR
Hearing loss is an invisible struggle that impacts physical,
cognitive and social well-being. Often those with hearing loss
don’t seek help until their loss has affected where they go,
what they do and who they see.

On Monday, June 25, 7:00 pm, Health Night Out explores the
way hearing can affect your quality of life and when to seek
help. This will be a unique opportunity to learn about hearing
loss from both a doctor in Audiology and an individual who
struggled for years with her own hearing deficit.

Dr. Fadyeh Barakat earned her Doctorate in Audiology
from the University of Arizona.
Jennifer Jefferis is a retired
counselor, speaker and writer who will share how through 30
years of ear infections and multiple surgeries the difficulty of
dealing with hearing loss. Click
HERE for more info.
Dr. Fadyeh Barakat
Jennifer Jefferis, M.Ed.
HNO -- Joint Replacement -- 7:00 May 28 at MtV BR
This month, SB Health & Wellness will welcome Dr. David
Martin, an Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in knee and hip
replacement. This is your opportunity to ask questions and
learn about the latest advancements in total knee and total
hip replacement. Dr. Martin has performed over 10,000 total
joint replacements since opening his practice in Tucson in
1985. Please click
HERE for more information.
Dr. David Martin