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Best Sources of Coronavirus Information
Ways To Fight "Cabin Fever" While We're Isolated
The best way we can all help fight the coronavirus outbreak is to follow the guide-
lines of the CDC and "physically distance" ourselves to reduce the rate of spread
of the virus. We can walk, bike, and keep in touch with friends and family but it
can get to be a bit much after a while. Here's a few suggestions to help.
Still More -- Check out the Senior Village Web Site!
This impressive drone video was created as a gesture of appreciation by SB
resident Brad Entringer, it tells the Saturday story from start-to-finish of how
smoothly and efficiently the Senior Village -- Desert Life Pharmacy vaccination
clinics functioned.  All volunteers involved, both on Saturdays and during the
weeks of preparation, should be very proud of what they accomplished for our
community. The end of the pandemic is in sight --please stay safe!